Yann Weiner is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Since graduation, Yann has been employed as a graphic artist, specializing in surface design for the apparel world. He currently works for Converse in Boston as a footwear graphic designer designer. In the past, Yann has worked for Hasbro on packaging and branding, for Reebok, and on their collaboration with Armani. He has  freelanced for a variety of companies on both print and apparel based projects.


In both his art and graphic work, Yann has a strong interest in dynamic and abstracted forms, often looking towards digital and distressed imagery as a starting point. He is committed to the idea of material integrity in his artwork, using a non traditional materials to explore themes of recollection and decline. He shows art work several times a year.


Yann lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island. Please contact him at yannweiner@gmail.com with any questions.